Grand Ocean are here to work with your superintendents and help you with our marine services and solutions for emergency repairs, technical assistance, planned maintenance and technical support.

With our experienced time served shipboard engineers and experienced ship operating superintendents for major ship owners and operators you can put your trust in us to look after your assets to complete the required ship repairs and maintenance quickly and professionally to the very best quality standards available.

Time is money either being spent or earned and we can offer onboard assistance at any time in port or sailing with the vessel, reporting back to your offices where ever they are in the world. Your eyes and ears to the work in question.

Spares and supplies are key to the operation, our dedicated team back up the clients and our teams with timely delivery of spares required. This may be for immediate use or as required by your superintendents for a voyage.

Professional team with more than 20 years experience in Marine and Offshore Industry.
The good business relationship with the major shipyards in China and Hong Kong.
The relationship with MSA in China and Hong Kong.