Service, Supplies & Products


Riding Squads 

Engineers and technicians to assist in port or at sea sailing with the vessel for most seen and unseen situations

Onboard Machinery Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing

Grand Ocean team supply man power for both emergency and routine planned maintenance to most marine machinery incl Main Engines, Auxiliary engines, Pumps, Steering gears etc.

Pre Dry Dock Technical Services 

Grand Ocean can arrange to put teams onboard pre dry docks for finalizing dry dock specifications. WE can also provide thermography imaging   and vibrations checks etc.  

Electrical and Automation

Grand Ocean team supply Investigation teams for Electrical and automotive issues. IMCOS system, automation system, remote control, Alfa lubricating ME service, AC Breaker etc.

Hydraulic Systems 

Grand Ocean have dedicated hydraulic specialists ready to investigate and problem solve hydraulic system issues, ( Steering gear, ship crane, hatch cover, windlass, CPP etc).

Plate Heaters Service

Grand Ocean have specialized workshop maintaining the same standard as Alfa Laval dedicated for service and maintenance of the plate heat exchangers service with supply of the spare parts and equipment. 

Bow Thruster Overhaul Services

Grand Ocean  have specific experience with various bow thruster makers providing the overhaul services  at a convenient port and / or in the dry docks.

Laser Cladding repairs and Reconditioning 

Certified by DNV, unique to Grand Ocean is our laser cladding process, this can have numerous applications on main shafts, auxiliary shafts, turbocharger rotors, pumps shafts etc.  contact us for more details it may save you thousands of dollars in renewal or spare part costs. 

Hazard Materials

Grand Ocean have the experienced personnel to identify hazardous materials onboard your vessel and the follow up to help you remove such items, please call us for more information.